Release day – Surrender (Deadwood Hunter series)

The bestselling saga continues!
Title: Surrender
Series: The Deadwood Hunter #4
Genre: Paranormal romance

Hey guys, well here I am, release day! The first novel I have written since my life went to hell and changed irreconcilably. Honestly there were many months I thought I would never write again. Surrender means more to me than just another release. It was the start of my recovery, the moment I found a little bit of me again. Alice in a way is as lost as I felt, and there are parts of this book that were pulled right from my soul.

I hope you love being back in this world as much as I did.

Happy reading folks, it’s good to be back!

Until next time XO


Cured and returning to her own life, Alice remains damaged. Two years later, and in her mind, she’s still there—caught in a war she had no place in. When her worst fear turns into reality, instead of seeking help, Alice heads down the road to self-destruction, running from all she’s known and loved.

As soon as lion shifter Jared meets Alice, he’s compelled to help her. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s as lost as she is. Their chance meeting leads them to a path of danger, love, and self-discovery.

Blood will be spilled, friendships reborn, and buried emotions will be unearthed.

Read this next installment of the Deadwood Hunter series and find out if life really can go on after war.

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She didn’t belong. Not truly. And as more pack members gathered, it became even more apparent. While she’d been away drinking herself to death and running from herself, her friends had become part of a family. Marcus, Miles, Belinda, and Mellissa weren’t just hunters; they were pack, and Alice realized she could have been too, if she’d have not been so stubborn.
Urgh, enough of the self-pity, Alice! Sometimes she wanted to slap herself. I didn’t want this anyway. Yet as she watched the room, she wondered if she’d ever had any idea what she’d wanted. Sure, at one point in her life—before Lincoln had ever come along—she’d pictured her and Lexia at college, living by the beach, partying, ogling boys, and enjoying everything else that came with being young, carefree, and stupid. But life changed. It changed so fundamentally that Alice had never caught up. She’d tried going back. Tried running away. Maybe it was time for her to accept that shifters were real, the government was corrupt, and life wasn’t at all what she thought it was.
She couldn’t remember the last time she’d actually wanted something that wasn’t some form of a quick fix or escape, yet standing in Lexia and Lincoln’s home, listening to the people Lexia called family formulate a plan, she did. She wanted to belong, to fit somewhere, to just be herself, ugly parts and all. Alice made a decision. She was done with running. It was time to face reality, even if that meant accepting there was a darkness inside of her, one that had maybe always been there, even before she’d ever heard the word hunter.
© Rachel M Raithby

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