First release of 2020

New Year. New Goals. New Genre. It seems a fitting start to 2020.

We’re halfway through January and I have my first release out of the year to share with you today. The Destruction of Rose is a step away from fantasy for me, but the men are still, sexy and the woman are still fierce… and maybe a little wicked in this one 😉

TDOR is the first book in a duet. (Albany Nightingale) Set in New York City, in an elite private school, were the teenagers are as privileged as they are sinful. Rose the main heroine was raised in London until events transpire and her and her mother have no choice but to flee to NYC and the grandparents she hardly knows.

This is a Mature YA series, which contains bullying, sex and swearing. It’s out NOW and FREE in kindle unlimited or for purchase in ebook and paperback at Amazon.

I’ll leave all the details below and an exclusive excerpt!

Happy reading XO

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If I’d known then what I know now, I’d never have tried to reclaim my crown.

After fleeing London and the scandal that tore my family apart, I’m left broken, confused, and mourning a life I never realized was so fragile. I’m used to being on top. I’m used to being admired, and now I’m desperate for a way back in.

I think I’ve found it when I see Aston Cole—my first crush, my first kiss—at my new school. But Ash isn’t who he used to be. He’s the king. And me… well, I’m not going down without a fight—even with the lies and secrets filling the school halls around us.



Pausing on the threshold, I look between my parents—one in my childhood home, the other inside a waiting car. I love them both. They’re my parents, and no matter their faults, they love me. Tears spring in my eyes, running down my face. I don’t know how to do this—how to pick a side without tearing my heart in two.

“Dad,” I whisper through my tears. “Dad, I don’t know what to do.” But before he can answer, the distant sirens of the police send everything into fast forward.

My father rushes forward and hugs me, repeating the same words he murmured to me only a few hours ago. “Remember I love you.” Releasing me, he pushes me toward the car, calling after me, “Whatever you hear, Rose, it’s not true. You know me. It’s all lies.”

The door to the car opens as police cars appear on our street. My mother screams from inside, “Get in this car now!”

It’s moving before I’m fully inside, the tires screeching as it speeds away, and as I tumble in, gripping the back of the seat to keep myself from falling, I see an image, which will forever be burned into the back of my mind.

My father on his knees as three policemen take him to the ground, snapping cuffs onto his wrists.

It’s all lies. His voice echoes in my head, but why did he tell me this morning, before all this mess began, to remember he loved me? As if he knew all along the police were coming for him. As if he knew the end was here and it was too late to get out.

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