The Resurrection of Us Excerpt

With 2 days to go until the final installment of Rose’s story hits kindles, I’m dropping in to share an exclusive excerpt of this explosive, angst filled ending!

If you haven’t read book 1 The Destruction of Rose now is the time.

The Destruction of Rose (Book 1)
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The Resurrection of Us (Book 2)
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What people are saying so far…

The Destruction of Rose was absolutely one of the best starts to a new series I have read in such a long time! ~ Goodreads reviewer

I have never felt so many gut wrenching emotions in one book! ~ Goodreads reviewer

This book was nothing like I expected. It was 10 million times better! It’s bloody brilliant! I absolutely loved this book! This book is vicious and you love every second of everything that happens.

If you are looking for a high school bully romance, this is your book. It has everything plus some. ~ Crazy Book Lady

Wow. What an emotional roller coaster ride that was… Brilliantly told story that will leave you wanting more.~ Stayc’s Book Obsession


Read on for an excerpt of The Resurrection of Us…

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He smirks, something dark and hungry awakening behind his eyes.

“Filling the hole inside you with sex is only going to make it bigger, Rose.”

His words flow into my brain and become lodged on repeat. He has no right to pass judgment on me. If I am filling a hole, it’s because he damn well put it there to begin with.

“Have you ever thought that maybe I’m just horny?” I give him a smirk of my own. “You know, Ashton, it seems like you’ve been thinking about Gray and I fucking quite a bit. It’s a little unhealthy.” I tilt my head. “Don’t you think?”

We stare, a silent argument surging between us until Ashton snatches out his hand and grips my jaw, his mouth crushing mine in the next breath. The kiss is harsh and demanding, and I don’t even attempt to fight it because it’s the most alive I’ve felt in days.

Releasing me, Ashton steps back, heaving, eyes hooded as he stares at my lips as if he wants more. The life he revived in me, sparks and burns forming into the only emotion I can feel that’s safe. Rage.

“Why the hell did you do that?” I demand, shoving him in the chest.

“To remind you what it should feel like,” he rasps, humming with the same violent energy I’m experiencing. It’s in the air between us, a bomb ready to ignite at any moment. If we were smart, we’d run as fast and as far as we could.

“You’re so full of yourself,” I growl.

“I felt it. I see it.” Arrogant son of a bitch. He makes me want to grab the nearest heavy object and smash it over his head. “You can’t deny how I make you feel.”

“Sick. Angry. Heartbroken. Those are the emotions you make me feel. And Grayson… he took that all away, if just for a moment. You don’t get to judge me. You don’t get to decide how I deal.”

Ashton falters, his stance softening as his eyes widen. “Rose—”

“Forget it,” I snap, cutting him off. I don’t want his pity, his regret. “I already know what you feel, and you have no right whatsoever to be jealous of me, with any man. I loved you, Ash, and yeah, shit happened, but you walked away. You chose to give up on us, and now you’re going to have to live with it.”

Loved?” he whispers.

“Rose. Ashton. This is not a place for socializing,” Miss Spice snaps, interrupting us.

Stepping to the side, I look at Miss Spice, then back to Ashton who hasn’t seemed to notice our teacher’s presence at all. Hurt is lining every feature of his face. Regret. Guilt. Desperation. But it’s all too little too late. I don’t have it in me to help him anymore.

I want him to hurt as much as me. Our eyes meet, sorrow stretching between us, but it’s not enough to silence my words. “It’s hard to love someone when they tore out your heart.”

Brushing past Miss Spice, I don’t care that my words were weapons thrown with the intent to maim. He had it coming, and if Ashton Cole isn’t careful, I’ll do more than break his heart. I’ll take his status, his friends. I’ll take everything. And then maybe he might understand what he did to me.

Until next time, happy reading,

Rach XO


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