Starting 2019 off with a bang

I’ve just completed an epic weekend writing mathron and wrote ‘the end’ on New Dawn book 4 <!–more–> It feels so good to be engrossed in my work and having words flowing from my fingers like magic. This is my first blog post of 2019 and I never really did a reflection on 2018 online…

Happiness. It’s a fragile thing.

The sun warms my face, the smell of jasmine fills my lungs, and I watch my children play. There’s a tightness in my chest, a churning in my belly. I’m light and heavy all at the same time, and as I breath in a deep, shaky breath, I know. I know this feeling. It comes…

Self love and being enough

A photo popped up on my news feed this week. It was a picture of myself and Thea just a few weeks old.

The Start of a whole new chapter

2018 has arrived, and with it the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, and set new goals. The first week of my year took a not so lovely turn as I began violently throwing up on January the 1st. I’d like to say I’d spent New Years eve partying but alas I’m a breastfeeding…

Pregnancy & Veganism

My life seems to be all about change at the moment, and while some of those changes have been heartbreaking, there are some exciting ones also.