Happiness. It’s a fragile thing.

The sun warms my face, the smell of jasmine fills my lungs, and I watch my children play. There’s a tightness in my chest, a churning in my belly. I’m light and heavy all at the same time, and as I breath in a deep, shaky breath, I know. I know this feeling. It comes…

Self love and being enough

A photo popped up on my news feed this week. It was a picture of myself and Thea just a few weeks old.

A narcissist’s game

I don’t get much writing done lately. Well not anything suitable for a romance novel anyway. There is no romance left in me. There’s too much hate. And sorrow, and rage. Blood boiling rage.

A reminder to myself

I wrote the below blog post a while ago. I’ve not had chance to post it, with everything going on at the MOMENT. But today I took a second to read it, and decided to post it as a reminder to myself. That whilst everything seems dark and unbearable, there have been bright days. I…


Fear is something I live with almost daily now.  Fear I’m not enough, fear I’m going to fail, fear of being homeless, of not being able to provide for my children. When my husband left, I felt heartbreak first, then came bone chilling fear. At first it was a niggling emotion at the back of…

Pregnancy & Veganism

My life seems to be all about change at the moment, and while some of those changes have been heartbreaking, there are some exciting ones also.