Betrayal (Deadwood Hunter Series 3.5) Release Day

Hey guys, so here we are release day! It’s been over a year since I released a book, so this day is significant to me. It’s not just a day I release a story into the world but a day that says I’m back! I’ve been stuck in one place for a looong time, feeling trapped and desperately wanting to get back to being the author and woman I once was. I actually don’t think I will ever be that person again, I can’t go back, only forwards. But today as I hit publish, I feel a little more like the old me, and a little closer to the person I want to be.

Betrayal isn’t a romance. It’s about a friendship between Alice and Lexia. About how life can cause those friendships to be strained, or even break, and Alice and Lexia’s friendship is definitely at breaking point in this novella.

Today is also the day to reveal the title of my next release. Book 4 of the Deadwood Hunter Series – SURRENDER – This is a full length novel, featuring Alice, and Jared and re-visiting a few of our old friends too. Surrender will be out October 26th and the pre-order is available below 🙂

So I’ll leave you with some buy links! Betrayal is up at 99c and Surrenders pre-order is on a special price at $1.99. They’ll both also be available on kindle unlimited.

Until next time,

Happy reading xoxo


Betrayal :


Betrayal: Book 3.5 of The Deadwood Hunter Series

‘The girl you knew is dead. Mourn her, Alice, mourn the girl I used to be: mourn the life we were supposed to have together, and then move on.’

Time moved on but Alice could never quite follow Lexia’s instructions. She’s been given a new identity, a new life, but it hasn’t brought her happiness.

Sat on a beach, longing for her old friend, Alice’s wish comes true, but not how she’d imagined it would. Kidnapped by Hunters, Alice is dragged back into Lexia’s world. Only the friend she’d left behind isn’t the same anymore, and Alice finds herself surrounded by enemies with no hope of help.

*This book takes place during the events of Holocaust, please make sure you read ‘Lexia’ ‘Whispers of Darkness’ and ‘Holocaust’ first.

Haven’t read books 1-3? Get them here:


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