The Betrayal Cover Reveal

Hey, it’s here! I’m in love with this cover. Hope you like it too!

The Deadwood Hunter series Book 3.5

Thank you to Creation Inspire for another amazing cover.

Betrayal releases on August 17th. Told from Alices point of view it explores her time in the hunter compound during the events of Holocaust. There will also be a Chapter from Book 4 revealed in Betrayal too!

So be sure to look out for this book!

At this moment in time I’m well on my way to completing the first draft of book 4, Alice’s full length novel. I’m really enjoying being back in this world catching up with the old gang. Seeing Lexia and Linc, two years on, and of course getting to know Alice more, and our new hunky, hero, Jared!

It’s been pretty cool exploring a new shifter, and after all Alice goes through in Betrayal she deserves the chance at a happily ever after ☺️

Well until next time,

Happy reading xo


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