The Start of a whole new chapter

2018 has arrived, and with it the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, and set new goals. The first week of my year took a not so lovely turn as I began violently throwing up on January the 1st. I’d like to say I’d spent New Years eve partying but alas I’m a breastfeeding mother; I was in bed by 10pm!

So lets just say breastfeeding during a sickness bug is no picnic, and not how I’d envisioned the start of my year.But anyway, four days later I’m up and running with as much energy as is possible with 4 kids.

Let’s talk goals. I have a few, I’m determined to not be in the same place I am now. 2018 has to be better than 2017, my sanity depends on it!

  1. Blog more – I’d like to focus more on my journey as a single mother, and the highs and lows that come with it.
  2. Use less plastic – I think most people know plastic isn’t good but do you really understand just how bad it is? I had an idea but until I watched A Plastic Ocean on Netflix it didn’t really sink in just how much of an impact us humans are having on our planet. With 4 children I worry about the world that is being left to them, and I plan to do everything in my power to help, starting with reducing plastic. I already avoid plastic carry bags, and single use plastics like straws, bottles etc. This year however I want to commit not using them at all, even if that means carrying all my shopping in my hands because I forgot my reusable bags.
  3. Finish the 3 books I have started to write – 2017 was a hard year, my personal life went in circles, and I never quite felt like I was moving forwards, or how I was going to move forwards. To be honest I’m still not so sure. This reflected on my writing; I’d reach a certain point in the story and not know which direction to take, or I’d start down one path only to get 6000 words in and back track because it just wasn’t working. So this year, I’m going to finish them, even if it kills me, lol.
  4. And finally number four – To live in the moment, and focus on the good points. I admit this will probably be the goal I struggle with most but I’ve written it now so I’ve got to try! There are many obstacles I must overcome this year, ones I can’t talk about just yet. I know they aren’t going to be easy, so to keep me going I’m going to try not looking too far ahead and just focus on what I have right in that moment. There are also some exciting events happening for me this year, like being an attending author at Authors In The City book signing in New York!!! So when things are tough I’m going to focus on these, and the fact I have an amazing family that supports me, and 4 gorgeous children that are my world.

The last thing I plan on doing this year is making a vision board. I’m quite a visual person so hopefully this will help me stay focused and positive.

A reminder below things weren’t all bad in 2017


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