It’s been a while…


So it has been months since I’ve blogged, and well from my last post I’m sure most of you can forgive me for the absence.

I’d like to write that my life and marriage turned itself around but that’s not the case. Sometimes I honestly feel like he’s been gone forever, and other times it hurts like it was yesterday.

What I can tell you is life goes on. That’s what I’ve learnt. Just because my world ended didn’t mean it stopped. In those first few weeks I felt like I was frozen in time watching the world pass me by, but there are only so many days I could allow myself to stay stuck. Food needed to be cooked, clothes washed, words written. My children needed a mother, and while on the inside I felt empty, they didn’t need to see that. I perfected my mask until I believed it myself.

Months on and I am happy to report I am doing okay. I crawl my way from the pit each morning, and I survive. Some mornings there is no need for me to do that, some mornings I’m happy.

There is light in among the darkness. There is joy in my world and I have chosen to focus on that.

So I am officially back! I have lots of news to share, and exciting things in my future. Check back soon, until next time xo



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